Year 1 Projects

An evaluation of integration of oral health into primary care curricula

Existing oral health curricula show substantial variation between sites, between levels of learners, and between the full spectrum of each site’s curriculum. Additionally, little is known about associated educational outcomes. Recent surveys of health training programs are now years out of date.This project will undertake a series of nationwide surveys of oral health curricula in medical learning institutions for primary care providers and conduct a systematic review  which will identify model curricula that improve educational outcomes, as well as curricular gaps. 

An analysis of current competencies in oral health for training primary care providers across the learning spectrum

This project is a national and community-based systems-level research to facilitate consensus on a standardized set of oral health competencies at various levels of education for primary care providers.  The Center will conduct a review and analysis of all currently available sets of oral health competencies, integration of these competencies into accreditation standards, and assessment of implementation and evaluation of the oral health competencies into primary care programs curriculum.


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