Integration Innovation | Fall 2019 Newsletter Available!

November 12, 2019
The Initiative to Integrate Oral Health and Medicine, alongside the Center for Integration of Primary Care and Oral Health, has released its quarterly newsletter. The Fall 2019 newsletter highlights Dr. John Ahern, our new integration fellow, announces our Leadership Forum 2020 date, recent research publications, news stories, and more! Click here to view this quarter's newsletter.
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Policy Options for Improving Dental Coverage for People on Medicare

September 18, 2019
Kaiser Family Foundation
Since its inception, Medicare, the national health insurance program for more than 60 million older adults and younger people with long-term disabilities, has explicitly excluded coverage of dental services, with limited exceptions. Some Medicare beneficiaries have access to dental coverage through other sources, such as Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid, or private plans (either employer-sponsored retiree plans or plans purchased... Read more about Policy Options for Improving Dental Coverage for People on Medicare
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Nutrition Counseling for Obesity Prevention in Children: a Handbook for the Dental Community

August 15, 2019
Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry, Temple University 
Obesity and dental caries are prevalent  chronic childhood diseases. These diseases are multifactorial in nature and share common nutritional risk factors. Because there are many behavioral factors that affect both oral health and child weight status, dental professionals are well-positioned to comprehensively evaluate children's dietary and nutritional behaviors, assess risk and provide appropriate counseling to children and families to prevent obesity and dental caries. 
Robin Harvan

"Together is better," says CIPCOH Lead Evaluator, Robin Harvan

July 16, 2019

Robin Ann Harvan, EdD, EdM, FACE, FIAMSE, is currently a professor of Health Sciences, the director of the Health Sciences program, and co-chair of the Interprofessional Education Task Force at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University on the Boston campus. Harvan has been an academic affiliate with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine’s Initiative to Integrate Oral Health and Medicine since 2014....

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